Schmid Labels


Schmid music boxes had either a label or a stamp on the bottom containing the Schmid name, the name of the tune and the country where they were made. Some also had the tune number. There is very little information on Schmid products as the Company ceased operations in 1995. The following is a record of the various labels we are aware of with some indication of the time period they would appear to have been used. We have numbered them for reference purposes only.



 No. 1 - Schmid Bros. Inc.
This label and backstamp are on the Peanuts music box "The Red Barron" which shows it was in use in1968. There is no evidence when this label was first introduced or when it was discontinued.

 No. 2 - Creative Hand
This appears to be the first label attached to Beatrix Potter
and Disney music boxes as early as 1977 and was in use
until about 1981.

   No. 3 - Japan
The Japan label appears to have been used from about 1980 to1987. The Disney music boxes had this label up to 1986 at which time the Disney backstamp was changed from Walt Disney Productions to Walt Disney Company. It was also used with the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs 50th Anniversary issued in 1987.
   No. 4 - Korea
It would appear Schmid musicals were only made in Korea for a short period of time. This label can be found on the Beatrix Potter "Jeremy Fisher With Fish" music box where the backstamp has the year 1988 and on the "Peter In The Watering Can" issued in 1990
   No. 5 - Taiwan
The Taiwan label also appears to have been in use for a short period of time. It was found on  a Disney "Sleeping Beauty" musical with 30th Anniversary 1959-1989 backstamp
   No. 6 - Sri Lanka
This label appears to have been used in the early 1990's - probably from 1990 to 1994. It is attached to a Beatrix Potter "Jemima Puddleduck" music box with the date 1994 on the backstamp.
   No.7 - Malaysia
This  would appear to be the last label used before Schmid ceased operation in 1995. It is found on such Disney musicals as "The Lion King", "Cinderella and the Prince" and "Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket". The Beatrix Potter  "Ginger and Pickles Tea Shop" had this label and  the year 1993 on the backstamp. It appears this label was used from 1994 to 1995.